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There are many ways that tea can be brewed, from using a teapot or infuser, to the traditional "Gongfu" style, to the "Grandpa" style of putting leaves straight into a cup with hot water.


All of these styles have their own purpose and merit, but we will show you the best ways to get the fullest flavour and experience out of your tea.

The perfect cup of tea is easier than you think.

Gongfu Style

The best method for getting the most out of a Puerh tea is using the Gongfu style. This essentially "boils" down to brewing a high quantity of leaves in a small vessel of water - traditionally a Gaiwan or a small teapot. This method allows you to brew the tea over a dozen times, allowing you to experience the development of flavours as the tea session progresses.

Tea brewed with the Gongfu style can be re-brewed 12-15 times.

Leaf Amount:

4-5g leaves
in 80-120ml water.

Water Temp:

90-95 degree celsius.

Brew Time:

5-20 seconds.

Western Style

This method is best for brewing large batches, or for more casual tea sessions. Typically using a little more tea in a larger vessel, this method requires a bit more patience and experimentation to get the flavour and quality that the drinker prefers, so be sure to play around with tea quantity, water temperature and water quantity to achieve your optimal brew.

Tea brewed with the western style can be re-brewed 1-4 times.

Leaf Amount:

5-7g leaves
in 300-500ml water.

Water Temp:

90-95 degree celsius.

Brew Time:

2-5 minutes.
Repeat x 1-4


  • Give your tea leaves a quick rinse to clean and 'awaken' them before brewing.

  • If your brew is too weak, try one of the 3: increase the leaf quantity, increase the water temperature, or brew your tea for longer.

  • If your brew is too strong, try one of the 3: decrease the leaf quantity, decrease the water temperature, or brew your tea shorter!

  • And finally - THERE ARE NO RULES. Only guidelines. Enjoy your tea how you like it, and forget everything else.